Passwords: 7 Tips for Stronger Passwords


People often represent the weakest link in the security chain and are chronically responsible for the failure of security systems. — Bruce Schneier, Secrets and Lies

Passwords, particularly weak passwords are often the reason, why websites are hacked. Despite people believing their secret word or phrase is strong enough to be considered secure, sites are continually hacked through this way. Below are tips to make things harder for hackers.

How does your own passwords score against this list?

7 Tips for Stronger Passwords - Cyber Security - 300 - PMR Web Marketing - Web Designer Galway Ireland & Digital Marketing Consultant1.   Use 8-10 characters with mixed case letters, numbers and symbols (a mixture of case letters, numbers and symbols are best)

2.  Don’t use personal information for example your name or address, business name 

3. Mix things up, don’t use sequential numbers 123, 77, 99  

4. Don’t reuse passwords for at least a year

5. Change regularly – ideally every month

6. Do NOT use words from the dictionary in any language.

7.  Protect like Bank PIN numbers.


Following these simple rules may help your website or any online information from falling into the wrong hands.   Keep your site safe!!

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