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E-commerce websites


e-commerce websites online stores - shopping cart symbol - PMR Web Marketing - Web Design & Digital Marketing IrelandE-commerce websites are the result of continued growth in online shopping. Businesses have moved their stores online or opened up an online store in addition to a physical store.

The main advantage of e-commerce websites/online stores is that they can be started up for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to set up a physical store.


Benefits of an online store include:

  • Generating sales for your business 24/7
  • Less dependent on your existing market
  • Expand to other geographical markets
  • Increase the number of products in your current range
  • Add new categories to your range
  • Drive traffic to your physical store and vice versa
  • Conduct product demonstrations using video
  • Reduce your staff costs
  • Future proof your business if managed well

With an expected revenue of *US$6.6m in 2023, Ireland is set to continue to be a positive market when it comes to ecommerce development.

If you are planning to expand online and need help with your ecommerce website/online store, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Alternatively, if you have an online store and it is not meeting your targets, it may benefit from an update. We would be happy to discuss your website project with you and outline the benefits of conducting an update for your business.

Any questions regarding ecommerce websites/online stores, call us on  (085) 168 0254 or email pmrwebmarketing@gmail.com


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