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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to your online presence and more importantly being found by search engines. 

A website must be developed with search engine optimisation in mind in order for your website to be found by search engines.

Search Engine optimisation cover various elements including: keywords, dynamic content, tagging images, links and social media connections.

To improve your chances of being found by search engines all these elements must be optimised.  This is the main benefit of search engine optimisation.

Other SEO benefits include:

(1) Increases brand awareness

(2) Improves your website visitor’s experience

(3) Generate potential sales and new customers

(4) Makes you competitive in terms of other players in the market

(5) Improves the visiblity of your site in search results

(6) Builds trust online

(7) Increases traffic to your site

Search engine optimisation must be a continual process by website owners in order to maintain visibility online. 

It is imporantant to understand that an effective SEO implementation strategy will include several elements being maximised. Ideally, this should apply to the whole site.

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