Social Media Management

Social Media Management

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Social Media Management has been added to the business owner’s daily task list.

For many small businesses, social media has proven to be an extremely effective tool in communicating with customers. Being able to speak directly to customers regarding products, services, etc has brought businesses and customers closer.


However, most business owners would agree that managing social media is a time consuming activity. As a result, not every business owner has the time needed to devote to building their social media presence.

Therefore, the question for many owners who decide to delegate this task is how do you go about outsourcing your social media. Listed below is the recommended process:

Process when contracting out social medial management.

(1) Know your objectives for social media and for your campaign.

(2) Ensure that your social media specialist understands these objectives.

(3) Discuss and agree with your specialist how achieveable are these objectives.

(4)  Set timescales and budget for achieving these objectives.

(5)  Agree with your social media specialist your socia media plan which includes your target market, your message and the social media platform(s) you will utilise.

We can work with you to deliver your message to your customers in an effective manner on your selected media channel.

To discuss how you would liketo manage your social media, contact us today on (085) 168 0254 or email

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