Website Management

Website Management

Website Maintenance Animated 500x325 - PMR Web Marketing - Website Design - Digital Marketing IrelandWhatever your business, website management  is essential in order for your website to be effective and helpful to your customers.

Too often business owners are busy with the day to day tasks of running their business and don’t have the time to devote to managing their website.  Unfortunately, over time this will have a negative effect on how the website performs.


Once a website stops performing, many business owners believe their website is no longer a productive tool. However a website can only be successful, if it is maintained and updated.

Similar to owning a car, if you do not service your car on a regular basis, it will not perform to its potential. Therefore maintaining your website is important, in order to be used as a tool in promoting your business online.

Reasons to maintain your website

(1) Security – threats to website are a daily occurrence. By keeping your website updated with security updates you reduce the threat.

(2) Performance – software updates are necessary to ensure that your website performs to the maximum.

(3) SEO – Search engines browse websites periodically and evaluate recent updates, new content etc.

(4) Communicating with customers –  people visit websites for updates on products, services,   and advice. Businesses that regularly post on their websites attract more traffic than those that do not update regularly.

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